Scorkl – Stay under water longer

By | October 8, 2017

;Are you just like us and think that diving and staying under water longer, is really fun; but think it’s quite a lot of stuff to carry along every time. If you like being under the water for a longer duration, maybe the new gadget Scorkl might be something? It is a small, lightweight and refillable small tube that allows you to be under the surface for up to ten minutes. When the air is deplenished; just swim up and fill the tube with the supplied pump. (Just like filling up with Free Spins at a New Casino 2018 🙂 This is a simple kit that does not take as much space; as you then can focus on the fun things instead, and most importantly – save money.

under water

Why not use a snorkel?

Sure, is it fun to snorkel ?! But it has its limitations. You do not have many seconds of freedom before you have to get up and take a breath again. If you want to be underwater for longer durations, so far you have been referring to traditional diving equipment.

To make reality of the product, the Australian developers are looking for 30,000 Australian dollars via Kickstarter. As of just now they have been able to raise over $500,000. A Scorkl will be yours for around $ 269 and delivery will take place later in October.

Proper training is recommended with Scorkl

However, people are not completely familiar with the idea and claim that this product is dangerous, as it is quite good to have proper training before diving. It is also said that it is a plagiarism of the product SpareAir, which is thought of as an emergency solution if you would be in danger as a diver.

According to inventor David Hallamore, this should be the first one you can easily refill without access to a compressor. They have also developed a high-efficiency pump, not like a regular bicycle pump, which you can quickly refill Scorkl with.

It is the perfect tool for glorifying the snorkeling. * But it may also be good to have in a safety perspective, for example to remove something stuck in the propeller. Or, as a racer, you can use it to slip under the boat and clean the hull before the start of the race.

However, it should be noted that this is a product that should be used with judgment and caution as diving with air-tubes; can be associated with life hazards without proper prerequisites. It is strongly recommended to have some form of dive training before using the product. Just like checking out a new casino at, you need to be well prepared when going all in in this case.