The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Las Vegas

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Las Vegas

If you’ve never been to the desert before, it can be a little overwhelming. It’s a very different place than most of us are used to, but if you’re looking for some great fishing you can’t really go wrong with Las Vegas. There are some things to keep in mind that make this a unique place to go fishing. There are some lakes and reservoirs that are always stocked with fish, and if you are traveling with people not into fishing there’s also some great hiking trails that lead you through beautiful scenery and the casinos within Las Vegas city. We’ve got this article here for anyone who is new to the area and wants to learn more about what they can expect on their next trip out.

Fishing Vegas

Las Vegas is a very unusual place to go fishing

I was at a conference in Las Vegas and, as part of the weekend activities, we were invited to go fishing on the Colorado River. I have never been very good at fishing, but I thought it would be a great opportunity to get some pictures of myself with a fishing rod so I could upload them to Instagram.Here are my pictures from the trip and how I caught the monsterous walleye. 5 Things to Know Before Going Fishing in Las Vegas The first deal with fishing can be getting all the right licenses, licenses and paperwork. Before you go out and try to catch some fish, there are a few things you will need to make sure you get right. Whether its licenses for each and every kind of fish or licenses to take large fish in tournaments, you will need everything the first time you go. For me, I came prepared. I brought my license so that I could prove that I had the right licenses and permit. I also brought a small purse knife, which I use to open all the purses. I also had a large fishing pole that I used to fish while my friends were having fun. I also brought some buckets with all kinds of paper and lots of hooks so people can see what fish I had caught. Supplements like Carakenz, Gulps, Rockfish, Livewell and Aqua Tang can also help you make sure that you are getting what you are looking for from the fish you catch. Another thing that you will want to do is keep the area and the water clean. Clean ponds and lakes after you have caught your fish. Don’t dump all the fish in the water because there might be some fish that can’t get back up after you have cleaned them out. For me, I usually take the fish I am after back to the shore to rinse off and then take them back to the lake to rinse again. These steps make sure the lake is clean and that the next time you go fishing you will catch a few more fish.

There are many lakes in the area that are stocked with fish for tourists

There are many lakes in the area that are stocked with fish for tourists. The lakes are typically stocked with smallmouth bass, trout, northern pike, walleye, yellow perch, and muskie. Lake Leech is the closest lake to our cottage, and it’s very popular with the locals.There are bluegills, one of the leaders in invasive species that are found throughout the lakes in the north east United States. There is also a place called Red Rock reservoir, which is home to the Folsom Lake trout. Season is May – October, depending on the weather. There are also fishing guides on site some of the time. The best thing to keep in mind is that bass that are caught in these lakes tend to be high in fat, and although the fish do turn red (which means they are fat and ripe for eating) rather than orange like you normally find, the fat has a flavor all of its own. They also have a peppery, salty taste. When you cook these fish properly, they can be fantastic served over rice with a touch of honey. The seafood itself can be found in many varieties, some with lighter match colors than the butter fish we will discuss below. Want more ideas? Read on on for some great ways to use these fish.
As the name suggests, these fish aren’t native to the area. They are technically freshwater pike. These are the most popular type of pike because they are highly adaptable and can live in almost any water. These fish are great options for an easy first game of bass, especially during the cooler months. However, these pike do prefer a more acidic water, and when hunting for them you will want to do it in the fall. There are also all sorts of flavors that you can add to the water to make it more enjoyable for pike. Pumpkins, cantaloupe, apple, lemons, apricots, blueberries — you name it and there is probably some pike in it.

The fishing is in the desert, so you have to be prepared for that

It’s important to understand the audience you’re trying to reach. The desert is a large place with lots of different people, and people who live in the desert live there for different reasons.If you’re going into a community that doesn’t usually fish, be prepared to meet some slightly different types of people.
Before you even think of heading out to Lake Mead, New Mexico you need to get there first. This beautiful lake is one of the most popular destinations for fishing in the United States, and it’s a BLM lake. Lake Mead is located in southwest Nevada, and you can get to it from either Lovelock or Ely, two places on the Nevada-California border just outside of Las Vegas. This community is also home to the Hoover Dam, one of the largest man-made objects on the planet. It took the dam seven years to complete, and it’s also home to a Prison Camp, one of the many places designated as places where people who are considered dangerous can live and work at the facility. Definitely a unique experience if you’re looking for a break from the norm.
If you are traveling in packs or with a small group, you may want to consider going on your next trip without any guide. This is because locals can become upset with tourists for not consulting with them about what they want to do. A lot of Las Vegas travel is on your own, although it’s usually recommended that at least one person be a designated driver or guide to help with crowd control and guide services on the road.
This isn’t something that everyone knows about, but finding a parking spot can be a little tricky. It can be a little daunting if you’re trying to find the spot when everyone is trying to get back in. There are a couple things you can do to help here, and it’s really just a matter of common sense.

You can find some great deals on hotels when you book your trip

Booking a hotel can be a pain in the butt, especially when you’re in a rush and in a new city. There are a lot of great services that can help you find a hotel when you need a place to stay, and can even save you a lot of money by finding discounts and deal codes.We have a pretty cool roundup of how to choose the best travel insurance whenever you are planning on traveling later this year. Whether you are trying to decide on a rental property or something more permanent, here you’ll find all the information you need to make the best decision. From setting up automatic payments to getting yearly quotes from insurance companies, we’ve got you covered.

We highly recommend checking out the SkyLounge for sundowners if you do go into the city. This vegas lounge offers an incredible view over the city with cocktail specials from 4pm to 7pm every night.

Las Vegas has some amazing hiking trails if you want something different to do

If you’re coming to visit Las Vegas, you should definitely try to take advantage of the amazing hiking trails in the area. One of my favorite hikes is Red Rock Canyon, just outside of Las Vegas. It’s about a 30-minute drive from the Strip and has some great trails that are actually quite challenging.


Las Vegas is a surprisingly good fishing destination offering a wide array of fishing options coupled with alternative activities to keep you occupied when the fish aren’t biting.

Fish keeping tips

Many people love to have a fish aquarium in their own home. The aquarium would be populated with fish. And it’s easy to see why. The aquarium very much looks good. It adds charm and atmosphere to the entire room where you live. To that end, there are many benefits of having a fish aquarium populated with fish. However, the fact is this is not something to take for granted. You will have a lot of work in front of you if you are to keep the aquarium neat and tidy. Learn more below.

fish keeping tips

Watch out what kind of water you put in

Depending on the fish that you have, you will have to put different kinds of water in the aquarium. It goes without saying that you will need to have quality filters. This will keep the water pure so that the fish can live in it. Don’t just throw in any water that you can find. It can cause havoc in the marine life and your fish may die out.

Be mindful of the purifying chemicals that you will use

It’s logical to use soap and various cleaning chemicals to clean the aquarium, right? Wrong. As is the case with unclean water – various chemicals can contaminate the aquarium. And you may very well end up waking one day to realize that all your fish are dead. This is not something that you would want to happen. In all cases, you should be mindful to use only proper cleaning chemicals.

Populating the aquarium

It’s also very important to populate your aquarium properly. A bad thing you could do is put too many fish in it – all at once. Even though they are small and cute features – they can get territorial. Moreover, the bigger fish can eat the smaller fish. You will need to be extra careful about what kinds of fish you put into the same aquarium. Don’t overpopulate it too soon. It’s smart to put a few fish every once in a while – until you reach the optimal level.

In conclusion

So, there are many things that you will need to look out for when it comes to having an aquarium. But in the end, it will all be worth your while. The fish will be alive and well, and the aquarium will be sparkling clean. Your entire room will shine with the beauty that the aquarium and the fish offer. We also want to recommend checking out this article in which lists the most interesting new sites for gambling in 2021. When the water is frozen it may be hard to fish, why we also like some indoor activities from time to time. Playing at new online casinos is one of our favourites!

Reel in fishes at Reeltastic

Being a fisherman in the winter is not fun all the time. We like to go online and sometimes we find a site that suits us. At Reeltastic Casino we can spend some time and also find some nice connection to the fish. Not only the names gets ut thinking about the big blue, also the games which offer a lot of fishing slots and more. Reeltastic is one of those casinos not on Gamstop why you can play it from basically anywhere around the world. Very convenient if you travel, for example.

Reeltastic casino review

It can sure be very confusing to pick a single online gambling website and decide to gamble there. After all, there are hundreds upon hundreds of different gambling websites and they all offer something unique. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. While this is typically a good thing that the average gambler has a very big choice of casinos, it can still seem a daunting task to select one of them. This is the main reason as to why articles such as this one exist – to teach you about some of the best gambling websites in the world if you happen to feel confused as to where to play. Well, today you will be reading about the online casino called Reeltastic. You will learn various different things about it – for example, about the bonuses, the games, the tech team, etc. If you’re interested in knowing then we suggest you delve right in.

reeltastic casino


If there is one thing where online gambling shines when compared with “real-world” gambling – it’s the bonuses. If you’re a frequent visitor of real casinos, then chances are that you haven’t had the experience of getting some bonus from the casino. Typically, they are very stingy as they don’t even need to offer free money for the players. But this is not the case with the online casinos as they have to give their best in order to attract the attention of the players. So, for this purpose, they are in the business of lavishing the players with a lot of bonuses.

And if you just wish to gamble and you don’t care if it is in the real world or in the online world – we suggest you take your gambling habit online just because of this reason. You will be able to get big bonuses if you invest your money right. Well, at Reeltastic, you will get a nice welcome bonus to start things off. This means that all you need to do in order to get some gambling money for free is to make a deposit on the website. Then you will be treated to some free money. Also, there are VIP bonuses that you could get if you gamble often in the casino – you can even attain the 10% monthly cashback option which can be a Godsend if you have an unlucky month.

Free Spins

There is yet another kind of bonus that you can get on this website if you can only make a deposit. This bonus is the free spins bonus – you can get a number of free spins to use on the slot games. This is a delightful revelation to the gamblers that really enjoy playing the slots as it means that they could now play them for free and hope to make some money for free. The terms and conditions hold the key to the education that you need on this subject though – so be sure to read them out when you have the time. You will learn a number of useful things when it comes not only to the free spins bonuses but to the other kinds of bonuses that are available on the website as well.


There are very many fun games that you can play at Reeltastic. This casino has made it its main mission to hunt for some of the best games in the field of online gambling and to feature them on their website. So, regardless if you’re a fan of slots, roulette, baccarat, or anything else in between – you will be able to find it on Reeltastic. There are great games that you can play here and there are also multiple versions of each game. The most versions of a single game are to be found in in the field of slots, there are dozens, even hundreds of these games on this website. You are undoubtedly going to find a game that suits you great and a game that you will love playing. So, if you wish to have fun while trying to make some money on the side – then Reeltastic is the right choice for you.

Technical support and payments

From time to time, chances are that you might experience some technical issue. After all, the world that we live in isn’t perfect and neither are the online gambling websites. So, in this case, you will need to know that you can contact tech support by email or by chat. If time is of the essence – we recommend you to contact them by chat as this means that they will be able to reply to you instantly. And there are many different payment methods that you could use both for withdrawing and depositing money – Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bitcoin, you name it – all of them are available for use.

Summary of Reeltastic

Reeltasic is a great new casino that you should visit if you wish to play gambling games, period. Make sure that you read all about the bonuses that are available on the website and do your best to use them in order to make some money for free.

Even divers need to socially distance themselves

Hi and welcome back to! The world is upside down in many ways right now, and even though the COVID-19 virus does not spreads in water (right?) scuba divers have to stay away from their main hobby now as well. One of our writers was recently in Thailand, where all scuba diving companies had to shut down. Really bad for their business, of course, and sad for divers all over the world. Many times, divers stay close to each other during boat trips and such. Therefore, it might be a good idea to cancel diving trips. But, while waiting for them to open up again, there are still things to do to make your diving even better – once you can step back into the water.

aquasquale covid social distance

Become a better diver while being in Corona Quarantine

You do, as well as all other people, need to social distance yourself and will have a lot of alone time. Here are some things that you might want to do while waiting to put back the regulator into your mouth:

  • Fire up that diving-camera of yours – We usually never use our camera in the away time from the ocean. Once we are back there, it’s hard to find time to learn all the features the camera got. Therefore, now you have a great opportunity to really learn the specs so your pictures can be even better next time.
  • Take those photos into the computer – It’s very hard to find time editing photos. You probably still have an SD-card somewhere filled up with pictures from that Egypt trip a couple of years ago. Now, there are plenty of good free photo editing programs online nowadays, like No excuses, you got time to watch some tutorials and learn something new!
  • Brush up on the theory – When did you actually read any of those old manuals? Why not go back to basics and scroll through some of them. This will help you once you are back into the water too.

Play fun slots with ocean themes!

Sometimes the weather is just to bad, or maybe you have a man cold. This makes it impossible to get out on the big blue in person. Well, we have the solution for you. Today we gonna review a nice casino game on the ocean theme: Master of Atlantis!


Blueprint Gaming has made a blue game. We bet it was coincidental. The game in question is Master of Atlantis. The Master of Atlantis is, of course, the ancient Greek God Poseidon. If you know your Greek mythology, then you know who Poseidon is. He’s one of the top Greek Gods. So, Blueprint Gaming has decided to create a slot about him. And it works out rather well, too. Read more about it down below.

Enter the world of Poseidon

play slots ocean themeThe reason why we said the game was blue is because of its theme. You will find yourself in the deep seas – in the lost city of Atlantis. Everything is blue. And the deep sea-blue color is definitely soothing to our eyes. So, if you’re after a more relaxing experience, then you should definitely pick this game up. Even the music is very chill and authentic.

There are krakens, sharks, pearls, and even Poseidon himself when it comes to the symbols. It really gives the overall impression of being deep into the sea. And we hope that you will enjoy this yourself – we did. Blueprint Gaming has really managed to create something unique when it comes to the atmosphere. The music, the theme, the symbols, the background – everything looks good and in the mesh. If you want to play a mellowed out game – then this is the perfect option for you.

Fishing the deep seas

So, what can you expect out of this game when it comes to the gameplay? First of all, there are 5 reels and 4 rows. This is, after all, the classic slot setup. But there is more to this. There are 40 fixed pay lines that you can count on to make wins. You can get the biggest payout of 10,000x of what you bet. And this is not a small sum of money that we’re talking about.

Then there are the special features. The top special feature that you can look forward to is the Free Spins. You can get 5 free spins by getting 3 or more scatters. Moreover, there will be the Trident Power Spins that will increase your winning options even further. You can also get a chest with a prize if you get the Poseidon scatter symbol in the bonus game. This chest can give you additional free spins or additional Trident Power Spins. Pick one of the 4 chests and see what reward you will get.

In conclusion

Overall, we can’t really say that this game treads new ground. But we can confidently say that what it does – it does well. We especially like the presentation of the theme of Master of Atlantis. It will really make you feel like you’re in the deep seas near Ancient Greece. And the symbols and the music are all related to the game and they all enhance the atmosphere. With its medium level of volatility – Master of Atlantis is a slot game that will make you have some fun while winning a handsome sum of money in the process.

Five (5) Quick-fire tips on Setting up an Aquarium

Aquariums can prove to be beautiful additions to the home as they tend to liven up any given space but an installation one wrong may not only put your aquarium in a lopsided position, you may end up hurting your fish, here are 5 quick-fire tips to help you set up beautifully.

Putting up an aquarium in your home could be one of the best decisions you have made in recent times. This is because, apart from adding some natural beauty to your home, an aquarium is a great way of conserving nature and bringing nature very close to your home.

5 tips for aquarium

Top 5 Tips for your Aquarium

As great as setting up an aquarium in your home is, it is still important that you do it right in order to fulfill the reasons you have decided to set it up in the first place. If you have already made the decision to do this, we would be helping you with some tips that would help you in setting up the perfect aquarium that would leave you truly satisfied. Check out the best top 5 tips below.

  1. Come Up with a Great Plan: Just like every other venture or goal you wish to pursue, the first step is to draw up a good plan for your aquarium. How much are you putting into it? What’s the size? What kind of fish are you looking at? What are your plans to cleaning it? All of these must be properly spelt out from the onset.
  2. Cycle the Tank: It is important that you cycle the tank in order to build up the right nutrients needed for the fishes to grow healthily while also cutting down on all the waste that could have harmful effects on them (fishes) in the long run.
  3. Test the PH Content of Your Water: It is also important to test the PH content of the water in the tank. You need this knowledge to understand the right kind of fish to go for. All fishes don’t do well under the same PH levels, so, know that now. These days there are plenty of technological solutions to measure the PH levels in an aquarium.
  4. Analyze Fishes Before Buying: You need to do a thorough analysis on fishes before buying them. Understand their growth range, their water preference and other details before purchasing them.
  5. Put the Fishes in the Tank: After buying the perfect fishes suitable to your water, put them in the water tank and begin the process of starting an aquarium.
    Aquariums are beautiful but they require so much dedication and all of the efforts you can muster so that they can remain at all times the cynosure of all eyes!

All you need to know about Aquasquale

Aquasquale is a premium site that offers solution to clients on everything relating to aquarium, how to set them up as well as furnishing you with information on how to maintain them in order to keep them in the perfect condition over a long period of time. In this piece, we share more on all you need to know about Aquasquale.

The site also gives detailed information on the type of fish that is suitable for all kind of aquarium, and how to go about the process of cycling your tank.more info about aquascale and aquarium uk

Avid lover of oceans

If you are also an avid lover of oceans and you desire information about the oceans of the world, then you should look no further than this site. It offers great detail about oceans of the world, the relationship between ocean and climate, the link that exists between ocean and the entire ecosystem as well as exploring the beauty that comes with the oceans of the world as well as some of the fun facts about them.
If you’ve ever wanted to learn about the largest ocean in the world, Pacific Ocean, kindly visit this site and learn all you could about it.

Adventure – Fish Hunters

For lovers of adventure, especially fish hunters, you would get access to more than enough information on this site. For instance, you would have access to information regarding how to catch fish with a rod and everything that revolves around it which would definitely make you an expert in the art within a short time frame. To handle an aquarium is a great way to get in shape. It takes more time and effort than most people understand. On Fitness Advice, you can find more recommendations on how to get in shape by following your passion.

Aquasquale also provides information on diving and how to go about exploring it and becoming a pro within a short time span.

For individuals who are looking for tips on operating a successful aquarium, Aquasquale is the best site to visit to get the needed information. This is the one stop site for everything aquarium, as they even went to the extreme length of showing you how to turn your aquarium into an ocean through tested and trusted methods. You also get all the needed information required in terms of cleaning your aquarium, providing enabling spaces for your fish and acclimatizing them for better growth and health.

How To Set Up An Aquarium At Home

Setting up an aquarium at home does not have to be an overwhelming or difficult task. There are a few steps that you need to follow in order to do so. Once you have completed them you will be all set to keep your fishy friends safe and comfortable.

The first step in the process is to prepare the items that you will be putting in the tank. Washing each item before putting it in will ensure that it is clean when you add the fish. It is important to note that washing these items should be done with nothing more than water. Using detergent or soap to wash the items you put in your aquarium will put your fish in danger. Both of these things can kill fish if they are exposed to them.

One of the things you will need to wash before placing it in the aquarium is the gravel. This should be done using a plastic pan and a colander. All you have to do is add water and stir it around. You may have to stir the water and drain it more than once in order to properly get the gravel clean. When the water runs clear the gravel can be placed in your aquarium.

More to think about with an aquarium at home

The next step is to fill your aquarium with water poured into the aquarium using a bucket that has been thoroughly cleaned. You will need to use room temperature water to fill 1/3 of the tank. To help keep the gravel still it helps to place a saucer or plate on the gravel and fill it with water. The water must then be de-chlorinated with a product that is safe for fish. This is something that can be purchased at most pet stores.

How To Set Up An Aquarium At HomeAfter the water and gravel are added to the aquarium, you need to make sure the tubing is connected to its pump on one end and outlets on the other end. Various decorations can be used for this purpose. It is essential that you make use of an aquarium check valve which prevents the water from becoming backed up. This way, if the power source is interrupted no harm comes to your fish.

You can then choose to add either plastic or live plants to your aquarium. Arranged properly these are the types of items that will help disguise the equipment used to keep the tank running properly. When using live plants ensure that the water in the aquarium is warm enough to support them. The roots of the plants should lie just under the surface of the gravel.

Now your tank is ready to have more water added to it. There should be some space between the surface of the water and the cover of the tank. Once the filters are set up and the water has been cycled the final step is to put the thermometer in the tank and turn on the air pump, heater and power filter.

Fish Suited For At Home Aquariums

If you are considering setting up your own at home aquarium you might be wondering the type of fish that you should add to it. There are several types that are perfect for beginners to keep in an aquarium at home.

The most common type to keep at home is a gold fish. This classic pet can be various colour and sizes, as not all of them are orange. Some of the more visually stimulating goldfish have fanned tails and bubbly heads. Taking care of goldfish means ensuring that the water in their tank is between 62 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Every week an average of 10% of a goldfish’s water has to be changed due to the fact that they tend to make a mess when eating.

Other fish suitable to keep in an aquarium at home include bloodfin tetras. These fish are small and silver, with red fins. The lifespan of a bloodfin can be as long as a decade, making them a great pet. As one of the more active type of fish, they can be very entertaining at times. It is important to note that bloodfin thrive with other bloodfin fish and are more entertaining in groups. A bloodfin fish in the tank by themselves will likely act shy for most of their life.

Other fish perfect for the aquariums

The White Cloud Mountain Minnow is also good for a home aquarium. These small fish do best in cold water and can even be kept in an outdoor pond during the summer months. When living in their tank in your home they are happiest in groups of at least six of them. In fact, when they live in a tank with other minnows they are brighter in colour and can have a lifespan of as long as five years. You will notice that they spend most of their time steering away from the bottom of their tank, as they prefer to be in the middle or even at the top.

For a freshwater aquarium, your ideal choices in fish include danios and black molly, among others. Danios are excellent if you have never owned fish before. Though they are very small, they are also very active. You can fill your aquarium with them because they prefer living with other danios.Fish Suited For At Home Aquariums

The black molly is one fish that gets along well with other types of fish. If you purchase two or more of them, make sure you purchase the same gender unless you want baby fish in your tank. If you do decide to mate them be aware that they are known to eat their young if the babies don’t have their own place in the tank to hide.

Each of these types of fish is ideal to start with when you are setting up your first at home aquarium. They are easy to care for and you will find that most of them can provide you with daily entertainment, keeping you fully engaged in their life.

All About Oceans

Oceans are vast part of the world and have an impact on its future. There are basic facts about oceans that many people don’t actually know. By sharing this information people can become more vigilant about preserving today’s world for tomorrow. There are several important principles of the ocean that people need to be knowledgeable about.

Even though the earth is divided into seven continents, one ocean covers all of them. The ocean is more vast and complex than some people realize. The vastness of the ocean means that the water found in it is essential to freshwater used by people all over the world.

The features that make up planet earth can be attributed to its ocean. Because the water dominates dry land throughout the world, it is the most crucial resource of all. In the past the level of the sea was higher than it currently is and, as a result, there are rocks on the bottom of the ocean. It is important to note that ocean water created limestone and other biological products. The world’s ocean works to form the shape of each of its coasts.

Oceans and the climate

The world’s climate and weather are hugely impacted by the ocean. There are three cycles responsible for its control. Those three cycles are energy, water and carbon. Seawater evaporates and becomes rain, taking solar energy from the ocean in addition to its water. The majority of the oxygen throughout the world is credited to sea plants, which product most of it. In fact, 50% of the air’s carbon dioxide comes from sea plants. Currents from the ocean are responsible for taking the warm weather of tropical environments and moving it in the direction of the earth’s poles. Shifts in the current directly cause shifts in the world’s weather.

The reason that people are able to live on earth is because of the ocean. The Proterozoic Eon is what started when oxygen was taken directly from the ocean and dispersed into the air. The world’s supply of hydrogen is maintained because the ocean carries it within its water. If not for this, the hydrogen would reach outer space, taking it out of reach of human life.All About Oceans

The world’s ecosystem is directly supported by the ocean. Ecosystems located deep enough in the water are able to use energy without having access to the sun. Within the world’s waters lies much life that could never exist on land. Reefs and estuaries make up the majority of the space in the ocean. Though these are environments known for being delicate they are able to support living organisms. Zones conducive to living organisms line the coast according to the water depths and tides.

Though ocean exploration is nothing new, only a small percentage of the world’s ocean has been studied by professionals. Taking up 70% of the surface of the earth, there is much more to uncover then has been as of now. Only time will tell how much more ocean exploration occurs in the future.