Hi and welcome back to Aquasquale.com! The world is upside down in many ways right now, and even though the COVID-19 virus does not spreads in water (right?) scuba divers have to stay away from their main hobby now as well. One of our writers was recently in Thailand, where all scuba diving companies had to shut down. Really bad for their business, of course, and sad for divers all over the world. Many times, divers stay close to each other during boat trips and such. Therefore, it might be a good idea to cancel diving trips. But, while waiting for them to open up again, there are still things to do to make your diving even better – once you can step back into the water.

aquasquale covid social distance

Become a better diver while being in Corona Quarantine

You do, as well as all other people, need to social distance yourself and will have a lot of alone time. Here are some things that you might want to do while waiting to put back the regulator into your mouth:

  • Fire up that diving-camera of yours – We usually never use our camera in the away time from the ocean. Once we are back there, it’s hard to find time to learn all the features the camera got. Therefore, now you have a great opportunity to really learn the specs so your pictures can be even better next time.
  • Take those photos into the computer – It’s very hard to find time editing photos. You probably still have an SD-card somewhere filled up with pictures from that Egypt trip a couple of years ago. Now, there are plenty of good free photo editing programs online nowadays, like https://pixlr.com/x/. No excuses, you got time to watch some tutorials and learn something new!
  • Brush up on the theory – When did you actually read any of those old manuals? Why not go back to basics and scroll through some of them. This will help you once you are back into the water too.